When did the concept of dating begin

So identifying at least some of the requirements on an overall theory of concepts makes the task of evaluating a given view of concepts easier.

If a view of concepts is such that it would then be impossible to satisfy one or more of the other requirements of an overall theory of concepts, then the view fails.

Metaphysical issues involving concepts include what their status is as universals (and also as distinct from other sorts of universals), whether they are mind-dependent or mind-independent entities, what their identity conditions are, and whether they are metaphysically simple or complex. Distinct verbal expressions (such as distinct predicates, for instance) may nevertheless express the same concept.

For instance, ‘is red’ in English and ‘ist Rot’ in German are distinct predicates that express the same concept.

Does possession of the concept of being a star require some sort of complete understanding of that concept or not?

The question is a useful one for three reasons: First, answering it will make as clear as possible just what issues about concepts a given view addresses and which it does not.

Thus it will be clearer what else must be added to the view in question in order to provide a complete account of concepts.

Second, the demands on a theory of concepts are logically related to each other, and such relationships themselves serve to raise problems for various candidate theories of concepts.

Similarly, ‘is the author of author’ seem to express the same concept.

Predicates that necessarily refer to all of the same things, such as ‘is an equiangular triangle’ and ‘is an equilateral triangle’, are more controversial examples.

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