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I paid my bill and went and spoke to Mjibbo and he said that the drink was cancelled. Across the road from Foxy's, Go Go Bananas is a big club which runs about 50 girls.

I went back to my seat and continued to party, then an older woman came up and said 'why you make trouble' and tried to give me my money back. I told her to keep the money, told the others that I was off and got a taxi outside back to the hotel. This can be quite patchy and the quality of girls and number of girls differs from night to night. Another Makati bar which seems to run about 60 to 70 girls.

I've never liked the lighting, but that's personal taste. Every time you think you've found the best looking, another one even better looking walks by!

Two cute friends of the girl I was with hit me up for a ladies drink upstairs. The one blonde girl "C" was kind of cute in here and I would have wanted to take her if I didn't have someone in the room already.

This list of bars in Manila was written by some friends of mine a while ago and I will get it into this thread.

It has been dated a bit, so things can be a little bit different by now, but it gives you a fair idea of the bar scene in Manila.

The bars are within walking distance of each other. The last time I was in there the girls spent most of the time sitting around the dance area behind the bar, dancing only occasionally. Bluewidget suggested we split a bell ring of 5000P.The main attraction in any go-go bar, of course, is the dancers. There were a large number of dancers in attractive uniforms. My whole situation had "get the hell out of here" written all over it.My honest opinion is that I was having fun but I could have the same fun in AC for a lot cheaper and not have to worry about watching my bill. Wild west just charges you the high price right off the bat.Night Train and its sister bar Matrix, which is located next door are a must see, and in my opinion much better than LA Cafe. Dimples is an older, small, dark bar and the emphasis is placed on Ladies Drinks. Lots of Manila expats go there, especially Fridays. Getting change was a pain in the ass but I showed the girls (1) 500P note and a number of smaller bills.When I lived in Ermita, I was a frequent visitor to LA Cafe only because it was a very short walk from my apartment. Give Burgos Street a try when you are in Metro Manila and you will not be disappointed. The best time to go there is during the day time when the girls are very friendly and accommodating. When you are in a dark corner with one or two lovelies watch your bill very carefully. Throwing money got them animated and the second time they got more animated.

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