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It then turns westwards taking an irregular course over the Glynleigh Level, across the Cuckoo Trail (former railway line) to the main Eastbourne road (A22), continuing northwards along this for about three-quarters of a mile until it goes west and north again to take in some of the woodlands around Cacklebury.

It runs on the west side of the A22 in a northerly direction between Hailsham and the River Cuckmere to Hempstead where it turns east to meet the A22.

Local/regional crime figures (statistics are per 1,000 of the population within the local authority (Wealden) area (2008/09) In Hailsham, there are three tiers of local government which manage between them the majority of local community services and amenities.

At the local level, Hailsham is represented by Hailsham Town Council.

meaning the clearing or settlement of Haegel, Hella or a similar name, possibly even 'Aella’s Ham’, the clearing of Aella the Saxon.

The name of the town has been spelt in various ways through the ages from ‘Hamelsham’ (as it was referred to in the Domesday Book), ‘Aylesham’ in the 13th century, and later Haylesham, to its present spelling.

On an irregular course eastwards, sometimes following the A271 and sometimes to the north of it, until Amberstone where it completes its delineation by a final straight mile along the line of the road to Carter's Corner Place.

According to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, in 491 AD they attacked and took the British stronghold of Anderida which was the fort that is believed to have been built by the Ancient British and the Romans at what is now Pevensey, just a few miles from Hailsham, thereby consolidating their conquest and forming the small kingdom of the South Saxons, or Sussex.

In Roman and Saxon times, the lowland marsh area between Anderida and the site of Hailsham, today known as the Pevensey Levels, is presumed to be un-reclaimed at that time, so that much of the levels would have been a saltmarsh and at high tide, a lagoon.

The councillors are elected from four wards: Hailsham Central and North Ward (7 seats); Hailsham East Ward (3 seats); Hailsham South and West Ward (10 seats) and Upper Horsebridge Ward (4 seats).

Nigel Coltman was elected Town Mayor/Chairman in May 2015 and Amanda O'Rawe is the Deputy Town Mayor/Vice-Chairman. District Council Elections are held every four years.

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