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Among them is Sunmi, a seemingly demure girl, whose “untouched” body transforms into a killing machine when someone treats her violently.

The girl draws the interest of both of Bupa’s sons, the biological Nkoi and the adopted Mera, who never wears anything above his pants.

The five of them try to cope with their feelings while searching for their place in life.

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However, Korean actress Bae Doona gives a wonderful performance as Nozomi, conveying the unprecedented feelings of the air doll with elaborateness.Sakichi Sato succeeded in retaining both the post-apocalyptic splatter elements and the comedic ones regarding the zombies.The film is filled with slapstick humor, violence, and distinct B-movie aesthetics, not to mention some minor sociopolitical remarks that look completely farcical in this zombie curio.The two spend most of their shift slacking off instead of working, a practice that includes practicing jiu-jitsu.When their boss discovers them, they accidentally kill him and dump his body in a toxic waste field called Black Fuji.

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