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When she asked me for airfare money I told her that I am flat broke because of my divorce and would reimburse her over time for her expenses once she arrived here. Details: I found a nice looking young Russian woman on Russian, she was 31 years of age and sent me many love letters by email for about three months.

She reported problems with her yahoo-email and changed to

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I got afraid and I goggled her name and I found a lot of scam reports on her and one as late as the .

Her mails were mostly in Russian and I had to translate them, a few were in English an the very first one was even in German.

Her last chat with me on ICQ (Russian Chats) was that she had taken a three months holiday and that she needed the rest money for the trip urgently. When I told her that I did not have enough money to pay pay for the rest, she got very angry and insulted me.

She was working together with and they have scammed me for over 90.000 Rubles over 6 months.

I paid with Paypal, so I hope that I can get my money back because of the scam.

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