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I become alive.'' -- Felix Yen (from Anchors, Jan 92) Backgammon is an obstacle race between two armies of 15 men each, moving around a track divided into 24 dagger-like divisions known as ``points''. In the event that both players roll the same number, it is a standoff and each rolls another die to determine the first move.The Backgammon layout is divided down the center by a partition, known as the ``bar'' (See Diagram 1), into an outer and inner (or home) board or table. In the event of subsequent ties, this process is repeated until the dice turn up different numbers.The player strains to work with them, to control them.One's identity is not entirely intrinsic, nor is it purely acquired.

The purpose of the diff file is to show recent changes without having to browse the entire FAQ. -- From the foward of the Expert Backgammon (Mac) documentation.``There's an aesthetic to the game, a flow.A move from White's 12-point to your 12-point, though it crosses from his board to yours, is but one space, for these two points are really next to each other. Each side has five men on his 6-point, three men on his 8-point, five men on his opponent's 12-point, and two men, known as ``runners'', on his opponents' 1-point. If the same number appears on both dice, for example, 2-2 or 3-3 (known as doublets), the caster is entitled to four moves instead of two.The runners will have to travel the full length of the track, the other men have shorter distances to go. Thus, if he rolls 3-3, he can move up to four men, but each move must consist of three spaces.An opposing man trapped behind a prime cannot move past, for it cannot be moved more than six spaces at a time---the largest number on a die. If you move a man onto an opponent's blot, or touch down on it in the process of moving the combined total of your cast, the blot is hit, removed from the board and placed on the bar.A man that has been hit must re-enter in the opposing home table.

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