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GPLectures is an open teaching and learning platform for doctors.For those of you that want to teach, we host your lectures.(cont.1)(Continuation news of JUTESPINN): been provided in the accounts which only increase the loss of the company. (end)(Continuation news of JUTESPINN): This condition indicates the existence of a material uncertainty that may cast significant doubt about the company's ability to continue as a going concern. The company has not complied with the section 234 (b) of the Bangladesh Labour Law 2006 regarding WPPF. 2.93 for the year ended on June 30, 2017 (cont.)(Nahee Aluminum Composite Panel Ltd.): Trading of the shares of Nahee Aluminum Composite Panel Ltd. (end)Investors are requested to consider the following facts at the time of making investment decision in the Capital Market: 1. (cont.2)(Audit Observations): The auditor of the company has given the following observations in the audit report of the company for the year ended on 30 June 2017. Due to the company has suffered recurring loss from operation that effectively made net capital deficiency of Tk. v) Without paying installment against land amount of Tk. DSE Trading Code for Nahee Aluminum Composite Panel Ltd. Do not pay any heed to rumors at the time of trading shares; it may cause loss to you. So, well - thought of investment decision based on knowledge and fundamentals of the securities may be real assistance to you. 121,737 appears to be doubtful of recovery but no provision was made for such long outstanding/doubtful books debts. (cont.1)(Continuation news of SAMATALETH): iv) As per nature of business of the company the product is exportable but no export has taken place during the year. will commence at DSE from December 24, 2017 under 'N' category. Those who are already registered need not to register further.(Continuation of BSEC News - Awareness Message for Investors) 3. Without acquiring proper knowledge, information and experience regarding different aspects and matters of Capital Market, one should not invest in the Capital Market. The gain or loss, whichever comes from the investment, it belongs to you.If you brought along a copy of the referral form with your details already completed that would make things easier!

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On further investigation a local builder discovered a leak in pipes under the floor in the patient’s toilet.

GP CPD training puts computer-based video training modules onto the Web, which GPs can then access at their convenience.

There are many GP CPD training videos available on the website in many different topic areas.

We have now been told that the walls and floor are dry enough to start repair works. We are working towards the government mandated target of enabling most patients who wish it to have secure access to view their coded medical summary online by April 2016.

This will include the redecoration of the consulting rooms, corridor and toilets. For more information about Patient Access, see the FAQ HERE.

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