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Both dumped me, because inside I still had a lot of insecurities and very little relationship experience. keep in mind the things that she was initially attracted to, and make sure you never lose those qualities or stop showing them! In the end they didn’t work out, but at least this time I wasn’t getting dumped anymore. The girls I was getting with were much more attractive and a lot of fun, but they often smoked, drank a lot, and a good percentage did cocaine.

This, in a nutshell, shows the problem of living in London – The most beautiful girls are only consistently to be found in the high-end clubs, BUT they are usually nothing like girlfriend material.

Richard La Ruina, 2012 Kind of strange to hear from the founder of PUA (Pick Up Artist) Training?

Yeah I guess it is ;-) …But let me tell you how I got to this point…

I’m generally not one to follow convention, so when it came to relationships, I started to think about different ways to live: This is the “coolest” sounding one when it comes to pick up.

And I’ve met a few guys who do something like this.

It wasn’t 100% satisfying and the 24/7 club life wasn’t something I wanted to continue so intensely as I got into my thirties…but lots of fun times and great memories ;-) After a few months I did find a nice girl.

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I’d stop going out and do nice romantic things with her instead.You don’t appreciate something as much when you get it too easily.You lose all of your innocence, and a normal relationship becomes impossible.Six years ago, when I first started going to nightclubs seriously, it was a LOT of fun.I remember going to the same London night club (China White is the name, in case you were wondering) seven nights a week.

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