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A statement in the report on the issue claimed: “Girls have told us for years that violence and harassment in schools pose a significant barrier in their lives.

Our research shows that reports of sexual offences on school premises have doubled in recent years, to an average of 10 each school day,” while claiming its findings showed nearly two-thirds of the alleged victims are girls and 94 per cent of the alleged perpetrators are men or boys.

She invented a bogus family with a fake child's funeral and a dying father in the complex subterfuge, a court heard.

Her crimes came to light when the suspicious mother of one of the girls, who had seemingly been communicating with a boy of her age, uncovered her lies.

'Social media users have had a lot to say about the puzzling addition to the street.

David Allison said: 'Let's have Kim round for a Parmo and a few Jagerbombs.' The red-and-blue flag was raised on top of a 20ft flagpole outside a detached house in a suburb of Stockton-on-Tees, Teesside.

She said: 'If whoever did this thinks it's funny they're mistaken.

They told the paper: 'We don't have any people living in Middlesbrough.

Why would it be strange anyway for our flag to be up?

Locals in the north-eastern conurbation often reminisce about a certain memorable 1966 World Cup match.

North Korea were severe underdogs when they beat Italy at Ayresome Park stadium, Middlesbrough.

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