Dating rolls razors

Handles (or, more properly, scales) have undergone changes in design and composition too.The differences are subtle yet significant and, for anyone wishing to better understand their chosen method of eliminating the stubble, can be appreciated.

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What shaving was like with these razors is anyone's guess (perhaps that's why most men grew beards!Flutting, or 'Jimps' began to appear on the top and bottom of the tang to aid grip - 40 grooves per inch was the standard.During this period there was also a fashion for very large, wedge-bladed razors marked 'for barbers' use' or sometimes words like 'improved silver steel' but this only lasted ten years or so.We have no doubt that this will have absolutely no effect on the desires of collectors (including us here at The Invisible Edge) so what follows is as objective as we can make it.We don't have examples of all the early razors to show you (yet) but here's a tour through time –Razors looked like small hatchets and didn't have maker's names or any form of branding.

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