Benidorm love dating

A refreshing new comedy based on the typical average Joe's holiday abroad for the past 30 years - a week in Benidorm. It would be interesting to hear how paying holiday makers at the Los Pelicanos Hotel fared whilst the TV crew took over parts of the complex for filming last year.

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They mistake Madge for a swinger, and things get out of hand.

Creator Derren Litten said: “When I wrote the first script of Benidorm I had no idea it would change my life so dramatically over the next 10 years.

“As I put the finishing touches to the 74th episode I am so grateful to our fans and to ITV for giving Benidorm the best possible home we could hope for. ”All but one of the nine series that have aired so far have premiered between January and March.

However, Geoff was so angry when he didn't win, he revealed shocking secrets that could tear lives apart.

Meanwhile, Donald tries to save Gavin and Troy's relationship after Troy's shocking betrayal with Mateo, whilst Kate confides in Madge about the problems in her marriage.

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